Wine Flavor Profiles by Innerstave

How do winemakers, brewers and distillers create just the right oak flavor profiles for their crafted beverages? They look to the California pioneer that invented oak adjuncts for use in wine, beer and distilled beverages. The quality of their products is matched by the expertise of their oak infusion specialists who helps their clients refine the taste of their precious beverages.

Traditionally, wood flavors are infused into beverages by the use of barrels. Wine barrels are usually made with French or American oak and can be used several times before losing their oak flavor. Each season, the flavor of the barrel loses strength until the winemaker decides it no longer can achieve the flavor he strives for. Replacing barrels every 5 years or so is a major expense to the winemaker and to the environment.

In 1979, Innerstave changed all of that. Finally, the winemaker could accurately control the oak flavor profile by adding measured amounts of oak adjuncts to the barrels. More recently, brewers and distillers are taking advantage of Innerstave products.

Innerstave came to Wavemaker for the creation of a series of ads to appear in print publications. While the half page ad that appeared in The Wine Business Monthly was geared toward winemakers, versions were also made for brewers and for distillers.

Innerstave Wine Oak Infusion Products Print Ad Innerstave Beer Oak Infusion Products Print Ad

To complement the ads, Wavemaker also produced large 8′ x 8′ tradeshow display.