Website Design & Development

You Are Your Website

You either have a website, or you don’t exist to the majority of your prospects. The question now is; what is it doing for you?

The design of your website makes the difference between whether your visitors leave on the first page they arrive on, or decide to click further into the site. The site’s navigation shapes much of the visitor’s experience as it ushers them on their journey. The click-through path determines if visitors will find what they’re looking for, or will connect with you.

Wavemaker makes full featured WordPress websites that empower our clients to publish their own posts, send their own e-newsletters, run their own store, manage their own booking system or social networking community, and so much more. Galleries, slideshows, contact forms, e-commerce, membership, & forums are just a few of the features available to WordPress websites. We also make non-Wordpress websites that more than satisfy the needs of many businesses.

Stunning design, ease of navigation, clear presentation of content, beautiful photography, and plenty of search engine visibility. Wavemaker also offers our clients affordable website hosting & maintenance plans, domain name search & registration, search engine submission and well crafted Google AdWords campaigns that can jump-start your online presence.

Wavemaker websites put you in front of your audience.

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Custom Designed Websites

Wavemaker’s responsive WordPress CMS websites have an incredible number of options available to them, and work best for websites with blogs, e-commerce, advanced galleries, membership, forums, calendars, online booking services, and everything else that can be found in the wonderful world of WordPress. Looking great on all devices included.

Wavemaker also makes simple one page non-CMS websites that are perfect for folks watching costs but still want a site that impresses and looks great on all devices. They can contain galleries, video, contact forms and many other features found on advanced websites.

Writing & SEO

The quality of the content in your website can make the difference between being on the first page of Google, or not. Our writer has a proven track record for dramatically improving search engine results for a wide range of clients. Her thorough research discovers valuable keywords that she is able to work into page text so that they seem natural and important to the reader. And, she can handle technical writing as if she worked in your trade. All content fits safely within Google’s guidelines for “white hat” SEO (Search Engine Optimization) development, and equally important; is a good read.


Wavemaker makes adding beautiful high-quality photography to your website a snap with our on-location and studio photography services. Let us capture stunning hi-resolution photos at your facility, or visit our studio for the ultimate in lighting control and image quality. People, places & products all shot to work perfectly with your design scheme. When stock photography is needed, Wavemaker offers expert research & selection from the worlds best stock image libraries.

Your Project

We make the process easy and enjoyable. From the drafting of the initial sitemap, to the launch of your completed website, your project can be monitored at your own exclusive online Wavemaker Project Center. We work hard to make sure you feel supported in all aspects of the creation, operation, and promotion of your website. It begins here with the first question:

What do you want your website to do?

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