We Are the Ocean

Its become clear that our modern day consumer culture is in the midst of a significant paradigm shift that promises to dramatically alter the way humans live on this planet. The shift is not in the form of an incredible discovery of a new energy source, or contact with an intelligent alien species. The shift takes place entirely in our minds. It is in the way humans think about their place within nature. Collectively, we are waking up to the reality that we are not separate from the web of life that sustains us. We are, in fact, an integral part of the environment and our actions today directly affect the health of the environment tomorrow, for better or worse.

The people of Wavemaker draw much of their inspiration from the natural world. The first question we ask at the start of a design project is “how would nature do it?”.  Many challenges seem daunting until we find that most problems have already been solved by nature. If we can resist the temptation of forcing design on the world, and see the beauty of working in cooperation with the world’s natural systems, we can help to design a more balanced and sustainable future for ourselves and our kin.

While we celebrate all of nature, we dedicate the first post of our new website to the ocean. Located within a state park on the Sonoma Coast, Wavemaker’s first studio was situated on a peninsula of NorCal paradise that separated the Russian River and the Pacific Ocean. As we worked, we watched the river flow endlessly into the sea. We appreciate, respected and celebrated the natural cycles that we’re a part of. We lived closely with life and now carry that connection with us wherever we are.

When we moved our studio to a new location a few miles up the Russian River, we forgot to pack our hearts. They still live at the beach. We visit them often, but not as often as we’d like. We can still see the endlessly flowing river from our current studio, and always feel that we’re a part of it on its journey to the ocean.

While we celebrate the beauty and magnificence, we also recognize the darker side of the state of our oceans. While there may be no way for mankind to reverse the inevitable, we absolutely have the power to slow down the destruction of our ecosystems while learning to adapt to this new environment. There are some very smart and creative people constantly working to help change the direction of our world’s economy to be more sustainable, while honoring the web of life. Below you will find information that touched our hearts and minds while energizing our inspiration. We will attempt to keep this post up to date with recent information. Thank you for caring!

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