Wavemaker’s Website Hosting Services Provided by Siteground

Wavemaker has teamed up with Siteground to provide our clients with the best combination of server speed, security, and support that we can find in a host, on the internet today. WordPress websites love Siteground because of the features and services designed specifically for WordPress users and developers.

Our clients websites load from some of the fastest servers on the internet and have an average uptime of 99.99% (100% since 12/16!!) . Siteground’s ingenious server monitoring system scans their servers every half of a second while fixing thing as it goes, and predicting future issues that may occur. This prevents problems from even happening, allowing them to spend more time on making sure that customers are taken care of.

Their knowledegable and amazingly responsive tech support has helped Wavemaker keep our clients sites working trouble-free year after year. Siteground’s proactive “ounce of prevention” approach helps us keep our client’s monthly maintenance cost low. They also offer perks such as free SSL, now required for website security, and Cloudflare which speeds up content delivery by using more connections to internet exchange points worldwide than any other host. Siteground data centers are located in Chicago, London, Amsterdam, Milan and Singapore. Are we worldly, or what?

Siteground’s DevOps specialists have developed their own Artificial Intelligence data analysis system that actively blocks a half million to 2 million brute-force attacks across their system every hour. In real-time, the AI keeps hackers from ever reaching your site. This is not only to keep you safe, but also to conserve resources so they can be used for operations, rather than battling bots. Email security is equally important and so spam prevention is performed at the top level as well, so that the majority of junk email never has a chance to get to your mailbox. That which does get through can be managed with Spam Assassin, or the more advanced Spam Experts service.

Siteground’s $9.95 per month StartUp plan is a good place to start, and works well for websites that get an average amount of traffic. For most website’s, this will be all you’ll ever need. If you start stretching your britches (more than 10,000 visitors per month), there’s room to grow with the $19.95 per month GrowBig plan. And If you hit the big time, there’s the $34.95 per month GoGeek plan with which you could probably rule the world (if that’s your thing).

Siteground hosting packages are included within Wavemaker website projects. We set-up and maintain your hosting account for you so you don’t have to. Hosting fee and monthly website maintenance cost are combined into one low monthly credit card payment.  Just rest assured that everthing is running smoothly in the background and all is taken care of.

For more information on starting a website project that includes Siteground’s world class hosting services, visit Wavemaker’s website design & production services page.