Video Production

It Speaks, It Moves

It’s as close to real life as a website or tv screen can get. Nothing can convey a message quite like video. Your video can make its way into your customer’s board room meetings, or president’s office. It can reach your customer’s smart phone while on the road, or out shopping. It allows you to speak directly to your audience while delivering a rich user experience.

If you find yourself repeating the same information over and over to your prospects or customers, a video can do that work for you. It can be giving sales pitches, demonstrations and tutorials to scores of people at the same time while you’re tending to the more important task of running your business.

It can tell your story, sell your product, or give a guided tour. It informs your prospects and assists your customers. Sharing your valuable information with the world returns educated consumers to you. Enter their lives by entertaining their senses.

Video adds life to your message.

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People Need Stories

When we’re not hearing stories told to us by movies, tv shows, commercials & songs, we are actively searching the internet to find other peoples’ stories. A third of all internet activity is now spent watching videos, and in a couple years it will be 80 percent.

And, we like a good storyteller. How the story is told can determine if we enjoy and remember it. Its not too surprising to learn that we remember about 95 percent of a message when we see it in a video compared to about 10 percent when reading it in text. We also want to share it more; over 90 percent of people who watch video on mobile devices, share it with others.

The effectiveness of your video will be determined by how much attention has been spent on telling your story. A well produced video can increase the chance that the page that its on will be first in search engine results by more than 50 percent. And, it can increase the conversion rate of the landing page by more than 80 percent. Knowing where to spend the attention is the first step in planning your production. How is your story told best?

Which Story Are You?

While your story is unique, there are standard formats for most types of video programs:

  • 30 second to 2 minute commercial or public message.
  • Short presentation, promotional, or instructional.
  • Longer documentary with interviews & cut-aways.
  • Presentation created from video that you supply.
  • Powerpoint style presentation that would typically be presented live.
  • Upcoming event to be recorded & edited into a video program.
  • Video featuring graphics & text to present information.
  • Photographs with subtle motion applied brings your slideshow to life.
  • Family history or memorial with home movies, photos & music.
  • Classroom or seminar educational video.
  • Professional portfolio, or demo reel.
  • Happy customers testimonials.
  • Real estate video walk-through tour.
  • Major motion picture (let’s talk).

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