SSL Security Upgrade Highly Recommended!

In 2017, Google announced that web pages will be required to run on a secure server in order to avoid being marked ‘Not Secure’. This would apply to any contact form, or page that uses e-commerce. Any time visitor information is collected on your website and then sent anywhere, it will need to done on a secure page. Failure to comply will result in lower rank in search engine results, and an ugly warning sign shown to your website’s visitors.

To secure these pages in your site, it is necessary to convert the entire site from one that runs on an ‘HTTP’ server to one that runs on a ‘HTTPS’ server. If you look up at the address bar in your browser, the very beginning of the URL will be either http, indicating an unsecured server, or it will be https, indicating a secure server. Wavemaker highly recommends doing this upgrade so as to help in the noble cause of creating a more secure internet for your customers and the world, and the more obvious reason; not to lose standing in search results.

Making this conversion involves updating the URL’s of all files in the website to their new addresses. The time it takes to do this will depend on how many files your site contains that need to be updated manually. Most files can be updated automatically using a tool supplied by Siteground, our host. Some files, however cannot be detected by this method, and so there is a certain amount of manual scanning and fixing that needs to be done.

Finally, since all of your site’s URLS have been changed, the site then needs to be resubmitted to Google. Your website will now display the friendly little green lock icon in the address bar followed by your new https address. And, Google will still recognize your site’s existence.

The whole process can take as little as an hour, or it may take a few hours on larger sites. It begins by obtaining an SSL Certificate for your site. In the old days, these would cost quite a bit every year. Fortunately, Siteground offers a free level of SSL called “Let’s Encrypt”. Catchy name. Your site can begin with this method, and then if your site requires more security in the future, there are more robust SSL packages at Siteground that your site can be upgraded to.

Wavemaker will be contacting each of our clients who have websites that have contact forms or e-commerce features. We’ll want to batten down the hatches as soon as possible, so please get back to us promptly so that we can attend to your site.