Setting up Your Siteground Email Box on Your Computer

To provide fast, secure website & email services for our website clients, Wavemaker is teamed up with the hosting provider, Siteground. You can learn more about Siteground hosting here. In this post we will discuss setting up your IMAP email boxes on your computer or mobile device to connect to your mailbox at the host.

Its good to remember that the mailbox on your computer is only a representation of the actual mailbox at the host. If you delete a mailbox on your computer, it does not delete the mailbox at the host, it just breaks the connection between your computer and the mailbox at the host. Your email app works sort of like your web browser which looks at pages that exist on a server somewhere. Your email app is looking at your mail which exists on a server at the host.

You can always log in to your mailbox at the host. If for any reason, you cannot get your mailbox to work on your computer, you can always access and use your Siteground mailbox here. Enter your mail address and password. You can get to this portal with the address below by replacing “domainname” with your actual domain name (ie: just add “/webmail” to the end of your domain name):


Setting up a Mailbox on Your Computer or Mobile Device

To set up an email box on your computer, first gather the information that you will need. The settings below are for websites that have been upgraded to SSL and run on HTTPS. If your website was made before 2018, you will want to check to see if your site is still running on HTTP. You can find more information on this here. All websites made after 2017 are already HTTPS compliant, and do not require upgrading. Please let us know if your website requires upgrading.

Setting up an email box on your computer works pretty much the same way whether your using Entourage, Outlook, Apple Mail, etc. You begin by opening up your email box settings, which is typically located under Accounts, or Preferences. You will then be entering the information below into the appropriate fields. We’ve included screenshots of our own mailbox settings here at Wavemaker as an example of how yours may look. We use Apple Mail, but other apps will be similar. The “Description” and “Full Name” fields are just for your use and can be named anything that works best for you. The following settings are required in order to make the connection to your mailbox at the host:

Siteground IMAP Email Settings:

  • User Name: enter your email address.
  • Password: enter the password for your mailbox.
  • Host name: enter your domain name. (Enter it by itself, ie:
  • Incoming Mail Server: enter your domain name.
  • Incoming IMAP Port: 993
  • Outgoing Mail Server: enter your domain name.
  • Outgoing IMAP Port: 465

Click the link below for setup instruction for the app or device that you want to set up:

Example of Incoming Settings:

Below are screenshots of how the Wavemaker Support email box is set up in Apple Mail. Your setup should be similar, except with your domain names and email addresses rather than ours.


Example of Outgoing Settings:

If you click the “Outgoing Mail Server” button in the first screenshot above, it will open the outgoing mail server window shown below:


Your domain name should appear in the Server Name field. Click the Advanced button to make sure that the number 465 is entered into the Port field. You can enter anything you like in the Description field which is simply a label for your use.

If you have trouble during the setup of your mailbox, Wavemaker is here to help. Just let us know!