North Marin Chiropractic Website

North Marin Chiropractic offers a range of health care services designed to keep your back, and the rest of you tuned up and feeling better. Chiropractic adjustment is only where the healing begins. From there, you can also expect Dr. Eckhardt’s skills in Active Release Techniques to help adjustments last longer and provide more relief. Certified by the American Board of Sports Physicians, Ken is impressively knowledgeable in repetitive and high-intensity injury treatments. His clinic also offers physiotherapy, massage therapy and spinal unloading with the Living Motion Exercise System.

Client Testimonial:

“My goal is to keep everybody that comes to me as healthy as possible. It really does make me happy to know that my website design is a true extension of me and that important mission. My clients feel cared for whether they’re in my clinic, or on my website. Everything is so easy for patients to find, and the layout and colors are cheerful and free. Folks that visit my site are not always feeling so good. My website comforts them, and lets them know what to expect when they visit me. They did a great job on the photography too. Excellent results and minimal interference in our workflow. Wavemaker created the North Marin Chiropractic logo and first website in 2005. We’ve had plenty of opportunity to check out other designers, but after 12 years, there was still no one better than Kari to handle our designs. Thank you Wavemaker. We look forward to another 12 years working with you!” – Dr. Kenneth L. Eckhardt DC, DACBSP