Logo Design & Brand Identity Development

How Does the World See You?

While your website, business card, stationery and other business collateral are each essential pieces in your day to day business communications & marketing, your design scheme is what holds it all together. Before you’ve even met your customers, your logo along with the colors, shapes, and fonts that accompany it, has already introduced you to them. They know and remember you by your brand identity. It is the visual essence of you.

Continuity of design between all your business elements invites confidence. They are part of an integrated system that works together to make your work more productive. Your prospects perceive integrity. They become familiar with you quickly. They remember you.

How do you want the world to see you?

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Logo Design

Your prospects may know what you do but have they imagined what you can do for them? The psychology of design is a delicate interaction between design elements and the viewer. The viewer has needs and wants. Subconsciously, their mind is shopping for solutions in a vast sea of stimulation.

Our research will reveal your target audience and create a profile of your best average customer along with a list of requirements that the design must satisfy. We immerse ourselves in font and color studies, we present sketches and meticulously critique them with you weighing their best qualities against each other, we produce the final design making sure it looks stunning in every place that it is to be seen.

Brand Identity Development

Logo design creates the foundation of your brand identity. The next step is to develop the other graphic elements that will support your logo on your business card, website, marketing materials, packaging, etc.

Your brand style guidelines include your custom color palette and accompanying fonts & shapes that are used to tie all of your marketing materials together, reinforcing your brand image and building recognition.

Your Project

Wavemaker makes your logo design & identity development project easy to monitor and participate in with your own exclusive project center. Just log into the Wavemaker website and see up to date notes and previews of design sketches for your consideration.

We typically begin with the creation of 2 or 3 initial design directions, which are presented for review. We meet in person or by phone to critique the sketches, and after careful consideration, choose a direction to follow. We also make a list of revisions that are incorporated into the next sketch.

The evolution continues as we gather once again to critique the new sketch and discuss further adjustments that could be made. The second set of revisions includes fine tuning and results in the final design. Further adjustments may be made, if needed. We want you to be completely satisfied with your designs before putting them to work for you.

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